Your stream is essentially a living, breathing business card. With just a little help from me you'll be able to attract more viewers with clean overlays, panels, transition graphics and emotes.

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One of the most important things for esports management is keeping your sponsors happy. I can help you do that with some clean advertisement designs and targeted marketing materials. 

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Twitter, Facebook, whatever social media network you are targeting, I have designed for it. I know all of the dimensions so your graphics will look clean cut and professionally designed. 

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Social Media Design
Your Twitter or Facebook looking a little stale? Spice it up with a new header or avatar.
Twitch Revamps
Are you a streamer? Partnered or not, I firmly believe that a high quality overlay and other accenting stream graphics can really make a difference in viewership. Let me help you reach your goals.
Got a need for a spicy meme or a really dank idea for a gif? You've come to the right place.
Media / esports
John is an experienced Creative Director and has worked for many esports organizations in his career, including stops with prestigious organizations such as eXcellence Gaming and Team Liquid Pro. Let me help your organization grow.
Web Design
Whether it's for your own personal site or your esport organization's, I am a competent web designer specializing in responsive websites built on popular content management systems (What's that mean? That YOU won't need me for any content changes, image changes, etc!)
I am also a competent Photographer and Videographer, and would love to shoot your next event or get you into contact with someone who can.


John can be reached in confidence at any time via the following means of communication:


Twitter: @mediaBRUTE